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About Us

Hansafer.com was established with the passion of its team to bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds, our instrumental system integration will allow you to get advantage of a cherry picked travelling services customized to you to travel and only care about your memories.

Implementing the innovative e-Services, we are contributing to treat each citizen and resident as a customer who needs to be served with utmost competence and efficiency.

Through our trip offers we are having a big eye watching all iconic events that are happening in the world, we will offer you the life time trip to record a worldwide event that can’t be missed.

Our biggest passion is offering our customers a world class service, our ultimate goal to be your partner in your trips, and Hansafer team objective is to put a smile on your face when you hear traveling.


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Everyone must try this, i can't imagine to travel abroad for excellent trip by the price they offer to me, very cheap flights nice hotels ( specially the location they know where to stay to be near from anywhere u want ) also the advise they give u before traveling, they are professionals,all ma trip will be with Hansafer - Ahmed Elshall -

i have had a unique travel experience with Hansafer through my trips to Turkey, Malta where it was very organized and full of Fun, way to go guys - Walid El Gendy -

Really good place. They find you the best, cheapest. Just trust them and you'll really enjoy your vacation - Karim Mohsen -