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Why hansafer.com?

We are offering unique services bouquet, we are cutting all wasted time and effort to get an official paper to travel to become very easy in your hand and at your finger tips using our e services and through our portal, you will also get advantage of our very competitive travelling offers covering all type of travelling from having maximum fun in a musical event in Europe to luxuries business trip to Dubai.

How Hansafer.com works?

We operate through our very powerful and well built website and in the background you will relay on a very talented team who will handle request once submitted. Register now and start enjoying our e-services & offers.

How to use our e-Services?

To use our services you have to register through our website and you will be contacted right away. You can also submit your request and will be handled 100% man free through our portal and e-services you will be able to follow up on your request and get your request done few clicks away.

Why Hansafer.com trip offers?

We are not only looking to your trip as a normal travel event but we treat it as a project that has only one objective is to make you happy and enjoy a unique travel experience, we put into consideration all travel aspects from the cost of travel till very simple details like more most favorite cousin.

How we manage your trip cost?

We plan ahead by enough time to get you better price, we also use our connections all over the world in a luxuries hotels to get you a 5 stars stay. Also using our trip pointing system will allow you to get special discounts and free services through your multiple trips with us.